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Kazakh Folk Concert Tour

Country: Kazakhstan
City: Almaty
Duration: 3 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Ethno Activity

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The musical culture of the Kazakh people was formed simultaneously with the formation of the Kazakh nation. In various vocal and instrumental works (kuis) reflected the life of the people at all stages of their historical development. The song was accompanied people in all spheres of their life. Songs blessed migrations of villages with their herds to Zhailau, preceded meetings of elders, the songs sounded during campaigns, at weddings, parties of young people, during funeral rites. Nomadic and semi-nomadic way of life and cattle breeding contributed to appearance of traditional musical art of the Kazakh people: singing and playing a musical instrument, or instrumental and singing art. These types of music are different from the music of Western and Eastern nations.

During music concert you will get a unique opportunity to enjoy the sound of Kazakh folk instruments, as if coming from the past and embodying the music of the Kazakh steppes and furious rhythms of fiery equestrians.

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