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Dostar Alem

Dostar Alem

Karaganda, Kazakhstan

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«Dostar-Alem» Hotel Complex is the hotel of essentially new type constructed taking into account features of a modern city. It is like an oasis with artificial cascade and plenty of exotic plants in infinite steppes of Kazakhstan where you feel rested and calm. The complex is situated in one of the picturesque areas of the city - Ethnic Park that is why you are out of vanity and industrial noise when in the hotel. Irreproachable friendly service and highest comfort can be found here. There are conference and business lunch halls, business center, restaurant, bowling, bar, sauna, fitness centre, beauty shop, parking place. Highways connect the hotel with all parts of the city.
The hotel offers 40 rooms such as VIP room, suites with living room and bedroom, doubles and singles in it. A lot of free space allow to feel ease in any room.

Check-in time: 12:00                    Check-out time: 12:00

Room Rates Include: breakfast, all taxes

Room rates are for informational purposes only, depend on hotel occupancy and could be changed at the time of booking

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