Exploring Tourism in Kazakhstan
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Kazakhstan Popular Places to Visit

Ascension Cathedral

The eye catching golden domes and kaleidoscopic color scheme of the Ascension Cathedral in Almaty, Kazakhstan, draw visitors to the city’s Panfilov Park, but the building’s genius architecture and complex history demand just as much attention. In addition to the church’s striking beauty, the architecture and engineering command respect; at a height of 56 meters, the Ascension Cathedral is one of

Khan Shatyr

An entertainment center in a huge transparent tent. In Astana Khan Shatyr is the crowning jewel with remarkable pieces of modern architecture.  A huge transparent tent, 150 m high and covering 140,000 m², which has been purposefully built to give the population of Astana a relief from the harsh winter climate of Northern Kazakhstan. Khan Shatyr was designed by British architect

Cosmonaut Grove

Avenue of trees planted by cosmonauts before their space departures. The trees are located behind the Cosmonaut Hotel, which was designed for cosmonauts to rest before their space travels. The grove lines the Avenue of the Cosmonauts, as it’s called, and each is designated with a plaque with the crew member’s name and the year. In a tradition that goes back

Zharkent Mosque

This unique wooden mosque resembling a Chinese pagoda was said to be built without the use of nails. The Zharkent mosque dates to around 1886, not long after the town was officially settled as a far-flung outpost of Tsarist Russia. Zharkent was a small Uighur settlement prior to official Russian township status and the mosque was sponsored by a wealthy

Wild Apple Forests

In the early 20th century, biologist Nikolai Vavilov first traced the apple genome back to a grove near Almaty, a small town whose wild apples are nearly indistinguishable from the Golden Deliciouses found at grocery stores today. Vavilov visited Almaty and was astounded to find apple trees growing wild, densely entangled and unevenly spaced, a phenomenon found nowhere else in

Mount Sherkala & The Valley Of Balls

There are 2 very special natural wonders close to the town of Shetpe in West Kazakhstan. The first one is Sherkala, also called Lion Rock, a 200-meter high mountain in the middle of a flat desert. Another thing that makes this mountain so special is that looks different when you look at it from different points of view. On one

The Lost City Of Sauran

Sauran, also known as Sawran or Sawran, an ancient city about 45 km north from Turkistan city along the road to Kyzylorda. The original walls surrounding the old town are still in excellent conditions, almost intact, and in some places, it is even possible to climb to the top and enjoy the view. The first historical reference of Sauran dates from


Turkestan was one of the most important commercial centers of the Silk Road. The city was founded over 15 centuries ago and is now the historical center of Kazakhstan’s culture. Turkestan is now known for the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, a Turkic Sufi saint who was the first man to introduce the Islam religion in Central Asia. His mausoleum attracts

Arystan Bab Mausoleum

Legends tell that the mystic Arystan Bab was the mentor of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi and by tradition, a pilgrimage to Yasawi’s mausoleum in Turkestan should be preceded by a visit to the mausoleum of Arystan Bab. It’s an impressive building, originating from the 14th-century. It’s framed by two domed minarets and the carpet-draped tomb of Arystan Bab is in a small

The Aisha Bibi Mausoleum

The Aisha Bibi is a beautiful 11th or 12th-century mausoleum in the village of Aisha Bibi. It is the only monument in Central Asia that is fully covered with carved terracotta tilework and is admired for its unique construction and decorative art. Aisha Bibi is the subject of a popular legend in Kazakhstan. An ancient ruler constructed the monument for a