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Kolsai Lakes

Almaty, Kazakhstan

The Kolsai Lakes are a system of three lakes, nestled among the hills of the Northern Tien Shan Mountains, approximately 300km east of Almaty. They are also called “The Pearl of the Northern Tien Shan”.

The 3 lakes are so clear that, when the sun is out, the surrounding forests, hills and snowy mountain peaks are mirrored in the water. The two lower lakes, Kolsai 1 and Kolsai 2 are surrounded by spruce trees, alpine meadows, and mountain pastures. Kolsai 1 is at an altitude of 1000m while the second lake lies at an altitude of 2500m.

Grassy slopes replace the spruce forests on the hills surrounding the third lake, which is at an altitude of 2700m. The three lakes are connected by a hiking trail.

It’s a 6-hour drive from Almaty to the Kolsai Lakes National Park.

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