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Lake Kaindy

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Lake Kaindy is at an altitude of 2000m and geologically very young. This 400m long lake was formed in 1911 after an earthquake triggered an enormous limestone landslide, which formed a natural dam in the gorge that was covered by spruce trees. Water started flooding the basin and submerged the forest.

The dried-out trunks of the trees rise above the surface of the water, looking like the masts of sunken ships.

The lake is almost 30 m deep and if you look underwater, which is very easy because the water is very clear, you can still see the needles on the submerged trunks. Due to the cold temperatures, the trees were naturally frozen and well preserved in the water.

You could go diving in this lake to see its unique beauty, but brace yourself for the cold! The temperature of the lake is maximum 6ºC in summer!

Lake Kaindy is only 36 kilometers away from the Kolsai Lakes National Park so you can visit both if you have your own transport. There’s a designated camping spot near Lake Kaindy. If you don’t have a tent, you could stay at Guesthouse in the nearby village of Saty.

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