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Mount Sherkala & The Valley Of Balls

Shetpe, Kazakhstan

There are 2 very special natural wonders close to the town of Shetpe in West Kazakhstan. The first one is Sherkala, also called Lion Rock, a 200-meter high mountain in the middle of a flat desert. Another thing that makes this mountain so special is that looks different when you look at it from different points of view. On one side it resembles a yurt, from the other side a lion’s head.

There are many legends told about this mountain and old local people won’t recommend you to climb this mountain or go inside its caves as they believe that spirits dwell there.

Another natural phenomenon close to the town of Shetpe is the Valley of Balls. This Valley earned its name thanks to the numerous ball-like rocks that are spread across the valley. The balls range in size from tiny marbles to huge boulders the size of a car.

You can only reach these places by car. Mount Sherkala is about 22km North West of Shetpe while the Valley of Balls should also be near.

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