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The Lost City Of Sauran

Turkestan, Kazakhstan

Sauran, also known as Sawran or Sawran, an ancient city about 45 km north from Turkistan city along the road to Kyzylorda. The original walls surrounding the old town are still in excellent conditions, almost intact, and in some places, it is even possible to climb to the top and enjoy the view.

The first historical reference of Sauran dates from the tenth century, but the ruins we see today were established between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

It gained fame to be one of the most magnificent castles of Kazakhstan, having escaped the Mongol destruction and having even served as capital to the Horde of the White Mongol. Later, Sauran became a fortress of Timur. It was from Sauram that the building materials of the famous Yasavi Mausoleum came. It was abandoned gradually, and consequently entirely desertified by the year 1515.

You can get to Sauran from Turkestan by taxi.

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