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The Sacred Sanctuary Of Tamgaly- Tas

Almaty Region, Kazakhstan

Tamgaly-Tas was an open-air sanctuary where religious rituals were held. People used to come here to recharge themselves with energy and health and it was also a sacred place where Buddhists came to pray and meditate.

Tamgaly-Tas means ‘written rocks’ and is named after the series of rocks and boulders that are carved and painted with incredibly beautiful images of Buddha, bodhisattvas and Tibetan scriptures.

The Buddhas of Tamgaly-Tas can’t be mistaken with the petroglyphs of Tamgaly, a historical site with ancient carvings from the Bronze Age. The Tamgaly Petroglyphs can be found 150km west of Almaty while Tamgaly-Tas is located 170km to the northwest of Almaty.

It’s a 4-hour drive to get from Almaty to Tamgaly-Tas. However, you can’t get there by public transport. You can only reach the place with your own (off-road vehicle), by renting a car and/or driver or by booking a tour.

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